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Welcome to my special collection of happy 31st birthday quotes and wishes. Whether you need captions for your own birthday or want to congratulate someone else on turning 31, you will find all you need here.

Turning 30 was exciting enough, but entering 31 should be a splendid feeling in one’s life. A 31-year-old is mature enough to know what they want and what they don’t, but we want the best for them. Now, what can we do to express our happiness at seeing them turn this age?

40+ Happy 31st Birthday Quotes, Captions, And Wishes - CardsWishes.com (1)

The best way to ensure a smile sticks on a 31-year-old’s face throughout the day is by reminding them that they still have dreams to fight for. Send one of these inspirational, sweet, and funny messages to that amazing 31-year-old.

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Best 31st Birthday Quotes

  • Things might get stormy at 31, but storms make eagles enjoy their flight. Best wishes!

40+ Happy 31st Birthday Quotes, Captions, And Wishes - CardsWishes.com (2)

  • A wonderful one is turning thirty-one. Happy Birthday!
  • At 31, real life experiences come running at you; hope you have a room for tranquility. Happy 31st!
  • May 31 be the age you rediscover yourself. Have fun!
  • 31 is a powerful age, so don’t be dull and go enjoy it.
  • May everything you desire at 31 come to pass and may everything you hate vanish.
  • As you’re turning 31, may the blessings of this year be greater than that of the last year.

40+ Happy 31st Birthday Quotes, Captions, And Wishes - CardsWishes.com (3)

  • At 31, you just opened the gateway to great opportunities in your life. A bigger dream awaits you.
  • Life is an adventure, let yours not stop at 31. I wish you all the finest things of life.
  • Thirty one is meant for hard workers. Labor now to reap beautiful harvests later. Happy Thirty First!

31st Birthday Quotes for Myself

  • Turning 31-derful!

40+ Happy 31st Birthday Quotes, Captions, And Wishes - CardsWishes.com (4)

  • Happy Birthday to me! 31 looks good on me!
  • Stepping into 31 with grace.
  • Grateful for 31 years of blessings.
  • 31 and feeling blessed.

31st Birthday Instagram Slogans And Captions

  • 31 is the new 21, so let’s celebrate!
  • 31 candles, 31 wishes, and a whole lot of birthday bliss!
  • Welcome to being a decade past legal!
  • Embrace yourself at 31.
  • Level 31 unlocked! New skill: awesomeness.
  • From 30 to 31! It was a joyful journey.

Funny 31st Birthday Sayings

  • 31? More like 18 with 13 years of bad decisions.

40+ Happy 31st Birthday Quotes, Captions, And Wishes - CardsWishes.com (5)

  • Do people give presents on 31st birthdays? I think that ended at 30.
  • Can you tell me why you celebrate your 31st birthday? It’s just weird or maybe it’s the first time for me to witness that.
  • Do you know why babies take 9 months to come to us? They dance inside for your birthdays. Happy 31st Birthday!

Heartfelt 31st Birthday Quotes for Husband

  • Happy 31st Birthday to my wonderful man!

40+ Happy 31st Birthday Quotes, Captions, And Wishes - CardsWishes.com (6)

  • Happy 31st Birthday to the guy who has loved me so much even when I was blind to see that.
  • The older you get the more handsome you become. Happy 31st, Darling!
  • Happy 31st, Dear! I’m definitely looking forward to more unforgettable moments with you.
  • My deepest wishes to an amazing, smart and handsome man on his thirty first B-day.

Romantic 31st Birthday Wishes for Wife

  • Happy 31st Birthday to the best wife in the world!

40+ Happy 31st Birthday Quotes, Captions, And Wishes - CardsWishes.com (7)

  • 31 and still as hot as a 21-year-old girl. WOW!
  • Happy 31st Birthday, Sweetheart! I always pray that no one could come near you, because every man would love to have you.
  • Thirties or twenties, you will always be beautiful inside and out.
  • Happy 31st Birthday to the mother of my children, I don’t know how you’ve managed to maintain your beauty despite our struggles.

Happy 31st Birthday Brother

  • Happy 31st Birthday, Brother! I still remember when you were a little boy. Don’t tell me that you know how funny you were.
  • All my life, you wanted me to follow your footsteps. Now, I ask you to follow my party ideas. Congrats on turning 31, big brother.
  • Hey, Bro! Do you know that 31 is the age you will achieve and get everything you deserve? I really hope you have a great time.
  • As you’ve always shone among your classmates, may you shine among your colleagues too. Happy 31st Birthday, Bro!

Happy 31st Birthday Sister

  • Happy Birthday to the most beautiful 31-year-old woman – my great sister.
  • Happy 31st B-day, Sister! I remember the plans you had and the plans you will have; you are finally 31, successful and beautiful.
  • Best wishes to the kindest sister! I can never repay you for the kindness and love you’ve shown me. You are a 31-year-old gem.

31st Birthday Wishes for Friend

  • Happy 31st Birthday to my smart, athletic and talented friend. Enjoy!
  • A person with a beautiful soul is turning 31. Congrats, my friend.
  • Happy 31st Birthday to my friend who is always by my side. We’ve laughed together, had fun together, and now is the time to enjoy riches together.
  • Life is beautiful when you have amazing friends around you. Right from when we were teens, you have been awesome, and at 31, you haven’t become anything less. Happy Birthday!

Wrapping It Up

Thanks for reading! I hope my collection of happy 31st birthday quotes and wishes inspired you to find the perfect words to write in the greeting card or put on your social media timeline as a caption for your own birthday.

Until next time!

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Last Updated on March 18, 2024

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40+ Happy 31st Birthday Quotes, Captions, And Wishes - CardsWishes.com (2024)


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