Personalised Calendars 2025 » Photo Calendars 50% Off! (2024)

Organise your year with our personalised calendars and diaries for 2025. Fill the pages with your favourite smiley faces and happy family memories, and remember those all-important dates while looking back on the best moments. A 2025 calendar or diary also makes a thoughtful, high-quality gift guaranteed to bring smiles all year round. Creating your custom photo calendar is easier than ever – order straight from your phone using our app.

Here's some inspiration for your next personalised calendar

Put the memorable moments on display

Camera roll full of iconic snaps? Seaside adventures, birthday parties, the kids’ first day at school – all your fun and milestone memories can be enjoyed all year round with a custom calendar. Create a calendar for yourself, or gift a year of moments to your loved ones.

Brighten your home with your family's masterpieces

It’s not always easy to keep the kids entertained during the school holidays – especially when it’s raining. Why not turn a wet afternoon into a time of creativity and let the kids turn their amazing works of art into a 2025 calendar?

A little workplace inspiration

Need a boost to tackle your to-do list? Brighten up your workspace with a custom calendar that inspires you to get things done. Every time you glance at it, you'll be reminded of happy moments, even when deadlines loom.

Choose the right personalised calendar style for you

Wall calendar

Available in a wide range of shapes and sizes, including A4, A3, square and poster, our customised wall calendars are sure to make a statement in any space. Start each new month with a smile by choosing a favourite photo for each page.

Desk calendar

Count down the days to the weekend with a personalised desk calendar. These compact calendars come with spiral binding and their own stand, perfect for popping on the corner of your desk.

Photo Days – our helpful little reminders

Birthdays – big and little

Remembering everyone's all-important birthdays can be a challenge, can't it? With our Photo Days tool, you can add a picture of whoever's special day it is, on the exact date in the calendar template.


Keep your extra special dates in mind and pop your best wedding or first date photo into your custom year calendar. You'll never forget an anniversary again.

Back to school

Keeping track of all those school term dates is tough – we've all been there. Use Photo Days to add photos to key dates on your personalised calendar and you'll always know what’s going on. Phew.

Create your own photo calendars

Create a calendar and make 2025 your best year yet. Available in a range of sizes and designs, we've got the perfect photo calendars for you (and your wall). Fill our personalised calendars and diaries with your favourite photos and themes, then add creative touches to highlight birthdays, anniversaries and other special days. Why not create a calendar for a loved one too so the can enjoy the special times all year round?

As well as showcasing your favourite snaps, our photo calendars can be customised with backgrounds and designs, including various patterns and colours. Bring holiday photos to life with our travel themes, or choose a fun, cheerful theme like fruit and veg for the kitchen. Look through your albums and pick the perfect cover photo – then add your snaps and tweak the layout to make it just right.

Create a 2025 calendar in a size to suit your space – we've got personalised calendar to match any interior style. Choose from A4 or A3 wall calendars, a slimline calendar that fits (almost) anywhere, or a desk calendar for the office – each with a monthly view to keep you organised.

Make your own calendar to decorate your wall or desk in just a few simple steps – and we'll take care of the custom printing. It's even easier to create your calendar straight from your phone, simply you upload your images straight from your camera roll or social media.

Love having your schedule on hand at all times? Choose from our range of personalised photo diaries. Just like our photo calendars, you can customise our personalised diaries with at least one photo for each week. Plus, they come in a range of styles and sizes, perfect to pop in your bag.

Our 2025 photo calendars and photo diaries also make great gifts. Why not treat the busiest person you know to a unique, personalised calendar to help them keep track of their plans? We've got monthly calendars that everyone will love. For those needing a little helping hand with their scheduling, we'd recommend the photo calendars with spaces to add notes and appointments. Or try personalised desk calendars or a slim photo calendar for their wall if their desk has trouble staying clutter free (guilty).

Personalised calendars also make *the best* gifts for Christmas. Help loved ones get organised for the new year or surprise them with a year calendar full of special events. Choose from our range of photo calendars to suit their style, and, if you feel tempted, make your own calendar too. Order two identically customised photo calendars to make sure you're both on track for your days out together, or make your own calendar from scratch using a fresh range of photos. To really make your personalised calendar 2025 stand out, try choosing seasonal photos for each month – they're guaranteed to get you in the holiday mood when it's that time of year.

Whether you're out and about or snug at home — use our app (available for Android and iOS) to create a customised calendar.

For more personalised gift ideas, check out our other ranges.

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Photo calendars 2025– Q&A

Can I add birthdays and special occasions to my year calendar?

Yes, absolutely. With Photo Days, add a photo to any date to remember those big days. For a small fee, you can personalise as many dates as you like with photos and captions.

Can I chose my own start month?

Absolutely. Start your personalised calendar with any month you choose. Pick your month from the drop-down menu and start creating.

What's the paper quality like?

We print all our photo calendars on 250 gsm photo paper. This means it’s extra thick and sturdy – perfect for flicking through to take a sneaky peek at next month's photo. Our A3 poster calendars come on glossy paper, all other personalised calendars on semi-gloss matte paper.

Can I change the background colour?

Yes, for some calendars like the A4 and A3 personalised wall calendars, the A3 poster calendar and the desk calendar. When you decide on your photo calendar design, make sure you check the product description to find out if you can change the background colour. If you like, you could add captions in pen when your calendar arrives.

Are bank holidays noted in the calendars and diaries?

It goes without saying, we'll remind you of the most-anticipated days of the year. Our calendars clearly highlight every bank holiday, perfect for planning your fun activities in advance.

Can I still buy a personalised calendar for the current year?

Absolutely. You can make your own calendar start from the current month or pick any month in the future. Simply click the month of your choice when you start creating.

How to make your own photo calendar?

Making a personalised calendar is easy. Once you've chosen your photo calendar format, simply select the starting month and year, and add photos, stickers and text using our editor. Once you've finished creating your masterpiece, sit back, relax, and we'll print and deliver your personal calendar with love. Start creating your 2025 calendar now.

Personalised Calendars 2025 » Photo Calendars 50% Off! (2024)


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